OEM / Vertical Rack Mount Enclosure Manufacturer

LTE, 4G,Wimax, Telecom, Security, Traffic, OSP

Outdoor NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X Cabinet Enclosures

Made in the USA • ISO 9001 • 15 year Warranty

DDB Corporate Officers

Dustin Mahorney

Our Father started this company and taught us everything we know. He showed me how to trouble-shoot Radios and Electronics and how to Design a Quality and Durable Enclosure. God has granted and Blessed me with a Lovely Wife and 5 Wonderful Kids. He has also blessed me with being part of this wonderful Company. I’m awed at what this company does and produces, from the Sales Department, to our Productions Department and all the way to the Shipping the Enclosure out the Door. We have top of the line departments and its employees, they strive day after day to insure that all customers are 100% Satisfied in every way.

Corporate Officers


Dustin Mahorney

President Linkden Email Me Here

Lester Mahorney

Sr. V.P. Linkden Email Me Here

Dusty Mahorney


Sherri O’Dell


Corporate Operations

Mike Mahorney

Mike Mahorney

Corp. General Mgr. Ext 2818 Linkden Email Me Here
Keith Mahorney

Keith Mahorney

Corp. Admin Ext 2845 Linkden Email Me Here

Climate Control  •  Power Distribution  •  Enclosure Construction

DDB Unlimited is an OEM NEMA Outdoor Enclosure Manufacturer. We provide a large variety of standard sizes from 16" to 90" high and from 25" to 42" deep with adjustable and reversible EIA 19"/23" racking rails, front and rear doors and 3 point, pad locking handles. Designed for the telecommunication industry, our enclosures can be deployed in harsh outdoor environments both rural or residential.

DDB manufactures a wide variety of NEMA 4 & 4x NEMA enclosures & offers accessories such as enclosure air conditioners, Heaters, Fans, Batteries and Power options. DDB's large stocked inventory allows for the industries fastest lead times, we offer quick and easy payment via credit cards & our enclosures are made in the USA. DDB is a ISO 9001 registered company.

Configuration  •  Customization  •  Accessories  •  Customer Service



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