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Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, 73075 U.S.A.
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Dear Valued customer,

DDB Unlimited, proudly manufacturers all of our enclosures in Oklahoma, the heartland of America! We are acutely aware of the corona virus (COVID 19) and the negative impact the spread of the virus has caused in the international supply chain.

DDB Unlimited has been working diligently with our suppliers to ensure DDB Unlimited maintains an adjusted stocking level, higher than normal, for product and components that may be impacted.

DDB Unlimited enclosures, are at a low risk of being impacted by the corona virus; our metal is sourced here in the USA.

DDB Unlimited does stock HVAC manufactured in the USA, however some of the components for HVAC compressors are sourced from China. DDB Unlimited, has been working diligently with our HVAC providers to ensure the supply chain is not impacted or if it is, to minimize the impact on related cooling solution products stocked and sold by DDB Unlimited.

Steve Adamietz

Steve Adamietz
ISO Manager, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001