78″H x 30″W x 25″D (42 RU) Outdoor Enclosure

The WOD series outdoor enclosure is the ultimate choice for your outdoor racking requirements. They are 4.06″ wider than our standard OD series and EMKA wind locks are standard equipment on the WOD series. Being made of our own Alumiflex®, you’ll find it noticeably lighter than steel, yet strong enough to rack even the heaviest equipment. Being designed to accommodate the weather protection of your choice, the WOD series enclosures are available in NEMA 3R, 4, or 4X configurations. The additional Alumishield® (sun roof), provides superior solar protection with its large overhang roof design. Our own versatile strut system allows you to position the racking rails at any depth desired within the enclosure. You can rest assured your equipment is safe and secure with our three point padlocking handles on both the front and rear door that you secure with your own padlock.

The WOD series enclosures are available in various heights and depths. Our professional Sales staff and CAD-Engineering team are able to assist you with a state of the art design, a competitive price, and a guaranteed delivery.

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  • 78.23″H X 29.56″W X 25″D
  • 1 Set of 19” or 23” Reversible Racking Rails w/RU Markings and Pass-through Holes
  • Powder Baked on Textured Cream Paint
  • Front and Rear Doors
  • New Zinc Die Powder-coated Black EMKA Three Point Padlocking Handles
  • Heavy Duty Alumishield® Design
  • EMKA Wind Lock on Each Door
ETL Certified

Specifications – WOD-78DXC – 78.23″X 29.56″W X 25″D (42 RU) Outdoor Enclosure

206 lbs. assembled
Shipping Weight 276 lbs. Assembled on Pallet
Two – secured by three point locking system
Locks via customer supplied padlocks
EMKA Wind Lock on Each Door
Sealed with .375″ bulb gaskets
.125″ Alumiflex®
Finish: Painted Cream
RF properties: Non-ferrous
Thirty bottom louvers per door
Sixteen top louvers – In top cover-under Alumishield®
One removable filter panel per door
Sixteen fixed filter pads in top cover
Zinc Die Powder-coated Black EMKA Three Point Padlocking Handles
Exterior Screws
Stainless steel with sealing washers & nylon locking nuts

Racking Specifications

1 Set of 19” or 23” Reversible Racking Rails w/RU Markings and Pass-through Holes
Alodine coated
Holes tapped to 10 x 32 threads
Each rail supported by three R-STRUTS™
.125″ Alumiflex®
Rail Pass-Throughs
Each rail has 4 pass-through holes with grommets. Holes are 1.75″ diameter
19″ EIA Standard 23″ Racking Available
All rails fully adjustable from front to rear
Useable Height
Useable Racking Height Has Been Revised to Only Fit in the Opening of the Door Jam. Which is Cabinet Height Minus 4.75″
Maximum: 77.825″
Total # of Rack Units: 42 42 RU’s per Rail Set
Useable Depth
Maximum: 20.55 ” Minimum: 19.75″ (See below)

Exterior Cabinet Dimensions

Main Body
Height: 78.23″
Width: 29.5″
Depth: 25″
Hang down height: 1.71″
Width: 32.46″
Depth: 27.67″
Protrude 2.2″
Total Space Occupied
Height: 78.855″
Width: 32.46″
Depth: 29.4″

Inside Specs

Inside Height
Inside Width
Inside Depth


NEMA Class Types Available
NEMA 3R (Vented), NEMA 4 (closed loop-a/c) , NEMA 4X
Paint Tested
1000 Hour salt spray (Textured)
1000 Hour immersion


15 Years – Unconditional


Top cover, shades cabinet from the sun
Padlocking Stainless steel – NEMA
Fully adjustable & Alodine coated
Front and rear secured with three point locks and padlocking handles
Front & rear, top & bottom, filters supplied

Accessory Options

R-2-78: Two extra 78 ” rails and mounting hardware
MTDX: Mounting tray
CA-4: Caster kit (4) & mounting hardware

Climate Control Options

Air Conditioners
Heater Options
AC & DC Fan Kits

Shipping Info

Standard The OD-78DXC is shipped fully assembled, but can easily be knocked down and re-assembled at your site, if desired.

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DDB Unlimited is an OEM NEMA Outdoor Enclosure Manufacturer. We provide a large variety of standard sizes from 16" to 90" high and from 25" to 42" deep with adjustable and reversible EIA 19"/23" racking rails, front and rear doors and 3 point, pad locking handles. Designed for the telecommunication industry, our enclosures can be deployed in harsh outdoor environments both rural or residential.

DDB manufactures a wide variety of NEMA 4 & 4x NEMA enclosures & offers accessories such as enclosure air conditioners, Heaters, Fans, Batteries and Power options. DDB's large stocked inventory allows for the industries fastest lead times, we offer quick and easy payment via credit cards & our enclosures are made in the USA. DDB is a ISO 9001 registered company.

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