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DDB UNLIMITED is a company that is founded on Godly principles. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Knowing that through Gods grace we are all given second chances, even when we don’t deserve them. Through out the years DDB UNLIMITED has been dedicated to reaching out to people that need a second chance. We believe that everyone is faced with good and bad choices, and sometimes we make the wrong ones. But by the grace of God we try to provide a second chance. So, where sometimes the world pushes people aside we pull them in. We take great joy in being a part of the miracle, that is what we are all about.

DDB is now partnering with a missionary from Africa in the country of Kenya

Dear DDB Brethren

Hello, I am Pastor Samuel Asonga Lives Country of Kenya in the City of Nairobi Street in East Africa and is married to Beatrice Asonga and is blessed with three boys age 15, 10 and 5 years old. I am also raising an 8 year old boy now which his mother died immediately after delivery. I am an Apostolic with churches in Kenya Uganda and Tanzania, we have 32 churches and pastors in remote areas where people can’t afford to earn $1 per day. We are fighting lack of education, maternal deaths, hunger and natural disasters has been the great enemies for African growth economically. We reach souls in this conditions and ask our brothers and sister all over the world to help us help souls in Africa.

The current needs DDB donations are going towards is a car to reach interior places where roads are not yet built, public address machines to help in crusades, donations to feed hungry children and when possible Health fare care for all in the villages. Pray with us as we reach more for Christ Jesus with compassionate spirit. DDB donations will also be distribute to various centers where we have church and needy children. To buy them foods and clothing. We also need to build a common center where all the needy despite their age can come and get help.

Yours in the Lord service,
Pastor Samuel Asonga

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A Letter From Pastor Don

It started in October 2010.

Dusty Mahorney had a heart to help send me to Sierra Leone because he simply had a heart and I had a call from God.

Upon my return to the USA Dusty saw the excitement in my spirit and asked if I would ever return to SL again. I said, “Yes, if the Lord will allow me…”

When I returned from this first trip I began asking the church I was Pastor of (Flowertown Church) to bring me their coins. We were going to send them to SL in order to provide education for the children in this war torn nation. 25 cents a day, ($50 a year) would provide 1 child with a uniform, curriculum
and writing materials for their primary schooling. Flowertown raised $3000 in just a couple of months. Dusty heard about our excitement and added $2000 to the fund so we could begin a school for the first 100 children.

September 11, 2011

My wife Brenda, her niece Tina Gentile and I traveled to Freetown, Sierra Leone and ultimately the village of Chembu, to celebrate the opening of our first primary Christian school in SL.

Upon our return to USA, the Lord presented us with a vision to give the village of Chembu “a hand up, not a hand out.” The vision included providing seed rice for planting, food rice for 3 months as Chembu waited for their harvest to come in and a storehouse for storing and distributing the harvest once it is completed. When Dusty read my report the Lord impressed upon him the same vision. We met together and began to pray and strategize how best to address the blessings that were laid ahead of us.

You see, so far Sierra Leone was living a life of exploitation.The rich would “loan” seed rice and food rice, then when the harvest would come in the “rice loaners” would demand the larger portion of the harvest and create a “need” for their “seed” in the future. A never ending cycle of the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer and Chembu was one of their target villages.

March & April 2012,

Rev Dr. Pitts Evans, Dr Sidikie Kamara (of SL) and myself (Rev. Dr. Don Shackelford) traveled through the many villages of Sierra Leone. Our first stop was Chembu. We rejoiced as we observed the progress of the storehouse being built and discussed the plans for the village to plant 20 acres of rice debt free. Then we traveled on through the country meeting with the Village Chiefs and elders. Dr Pitts was documenting the progress our G.E.M. churches had made and the needs that were before each of them. It was quickly obvious the needs we saw in Chembu were mirrored in every village we visited. Seed rice for planting, food for the rainy season while each village waited for their harvest to come in and a storehouse for keeping and distributing the food rice after the harvest.

During a time I fell ill and couldn’t attend the ministry crusades, being forced to stay in bed and rest while my body was being restored I saw a vision of the Lord. His face appeared on the side of a mud hut and tears were streaming down His cheeks. A moment later, deep in my spirit, I heard the words, “A school in every village…” It was as though the Lord was allowing me to see His heart and He was crying out for someone to care enough for Sierra Leone to begin building schools for the children of this war torn nation.

Upon my return to the US and my report, Dusty quickly saw the truth of this vision. Now he was so excited about what the Lord was allowing him to be a part of he called us together and wanted to blanket the country with the same program we were operating in Chembu. Everyone was so excited about this
program we could hardly contain our emotions. However, there were the issues of infrastructure. The roads, the labor force, the farming equipment, the construction crews, and a few other things were just not ready for the massive impact Dusty (and DDB) was ready to offer. So we had to “pull back” and create a “plan” on how to proceed and not fail.

Some needs were immediate. Gethsemane Evangelical Ministries (G.E.M.) was responsible for 32 Pastors and no income to support their work. Dusty immediately committed DDB to provide $4000 every month to support the work of these pastors. Following the monthly commitment we devised a plan to jumpstart the process of giving “a hand up, not a hand out” to the villages G.E.M. was working in. DDB would furnish a heavy duty truck for transportation needs between the villages and plan on adding another heavy duty truck once the project began forming. We divided the villages up into regions and devised a plan to build one region at a time. Each village and each region had their own unique needs and we would address them as the Lord directed us until each of them were complete. Dusty committed DDB to provide funding for each region “as long as the Lord provided…”

There was another issue. GEM needed someone who understood the program to oversee it to completion. Dr. Pitts suggested myself and my wife Brenda were the best suited for “such a time (and job) as this” since the Lord saw fit to share His vision with us. We agreed and are now in the process of
working with Sierra Leone on a full time basis as DDB supports our efforts.

In addition to building schools, churches, storehouses and agriculture fields, we are also forming new industries within SL to provide a financial infrastructure that can sustain the schools in the future as well as give the villages employment they have never had. ALSO, we are developing and building solar dehydration units to dehydrate and preserve food for the months food is scarce.

Finally, because of DDB’s support, we have been able to work with 2 US companies in planning additional agriculture projects that will feed this nation nutritious food and carry them into the Bio-Fuel, Bio-Lubricant industry.

DDB is helping rebuild a war torn nation from the inside out. Feeding, educating and building them up as the valuable people God has created them to be. DDB’s support and efforts have already given hope to a nation that needed hope and the future that is just ahead will prove to save lives and change darkness into light.

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