42″H X 23″W X 17″D (23 RU)

Features & Specifications

The ST-42D is a new design on communication cabinets, being as rigid as steel & yet noticeably lighter than the old heavy steel constructed cabinets. This is made possible with our own aluminum recipe called Alumiflex®. The ST series are the most versatile cabinets in the market place today. Being designed for our continuously changing industry, the ST series is ahead of the competition in cost, weight, and expansion capabilities. Unlike the steel cabinets, our ST-42D, made of Alumiflex®, will operate without affecting or being affected by RF influences. Order our ST-42D, the new industry standard, and take care of today’s needs while at the same time preparing for tomorrow’s expansion requirements.

Features & Specifications

Application Types

Provides a secure, climate controlled environment for any electronic equipment.

  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless/Broadband
  • Fiber Optics
  • Backhaul
  • Base Station
  • Small Cell/DAS
  • Utility
  • Military
  • Trailer-based Communications
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flexible and Scalable


  • Rounded corners
  • Scratch resistant, textured, powder baked on
  • Fully adjustable & Alodine coated
  • Front and rear secured with Non-Intrusion locks
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