NEMA Pole and Pad Mounting Shelves

14”H x 30”W x 30”D

Price Match Guarantee

Does your enclosure need a lift off the ground? Literally? Need more floor space? When it comes to pole, H-frame or wall mounting, working with cabling or power underneath your enclosure, or if you simply need your enclosure to sit on top of the snow drifts instead of under it, look no further than DDB’s pole mount shelf, PMS-3030! With an impressive payload rating of 950 lbs.*, this is the perfect solution for either indoor or outdoor, pole mount applications. Additional Live, Wind, or Seismic loading on a supported enclosure can require additional anchorage to the supporting wall or pole.

DDB Unlimited can provide detailed calculation packages when additional loads must be considered. Calculation packages and stamped drawings follow ASCE 7-16 Chapter 15 requirements**. Contact our professional Sales staff to assist you with your enclosure mounting solution.

Features & Specifications

Application Types

  • OD-16-DX
  • OD-30DX
  • OD-40DX
  • OD-50DX
  • ST Line of Enclosures
  • SOD Line of Enclosures
  • Indoor or outdoor


  • Beige powder coat
  • 15 year Warranty
  • Quick Shipping


Weight and Dimensions

Approximate Exterior Enclosure Dimensions:
14”H x 30”W x 30”D

Shipping Dimensions:
15”H x 31”W x 31”D

Approximate Shipping Weight:
Boxed 35 lbs.
Pallet 32” x 32” 45 lbs.

**ASCE/EN/IBC Compatible Support Pedestal

*The pole and pad mounting shelf (PMS) can support a payload of 950 lbs., when adequate anchorage is provided by the supporting wall or pole. This rating is strictly based on a dead load of 950 lbs. (supported enclosure and payload). The 950 lbs. rating is based on the minimum mechanical properties for aluminum alloys specified by the Aluminum Association Engineering and Design Task Force.

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