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Here at DDB, we service almost all every industry imaginable from Telecom to Security and from Well Monitoring to DAS.

Anywhere there are sensitivities to environmental conditions, DDB can provide protection at any level of need. Telecom enclosures need thermal cooling as well as dust protection from all the elements.

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Enclosure Cooling

In order to beat the heat  and keep your Headend equipment or other electronics cool, we offer industry-leading cooling solutions based on your heat loads and customer-specified requirements. Our huge inventory of HVAC units make it easy for our specialists to help cool your high demands at chilling speeds.

What DDB does just a little different

We have inventory levels to choose from and our enclosures range in size from 12” x 6” all the way to 92” x 25” and anywhere in between. Our standard sizes can be stretched, shrunk or molded to fit the needs of our customers. Our industry-leading warehoused inventories can be your key to quick turn-key success when time constraints are a given.

15 year warranty

Our warranty leads the industry at 15 years. We offer customers a unique experience from the moment they pick up the phone until the time they receive the product and even after the sale, if follow up support is needed for any reason.


Because safety is such a concern today, we build our enclosures primarily out of our own Alumiflex® material, with safety margins being that of products being lifted overhead and exceeding seismic ratings under, ASME B30.20, B30.9, and BTH 1, as well as Telcordia GR 63.  DDB has led the industry by backing its claims with certified data points from 3rd party engineering in order to stay ahead of the competition. We blow the competition away with our enclosures taking more wind than the competition, tested to meet or exceed ASCE 7-10 with optional 200mph options available. Take a look at our WIND STUDY. Whether on the coast of Florida or the mountains of Colorado or even on the San Andreas, we have you covered.

Markets Served vs Features

Digital Media
Digital Signage
Drone Charging
Solar/Auto Charging
SAT Phone

NEMA Ratings for Enclosures

At DDB Unlimited, our trained professionals offer an unparalleled knowledge base. Providing cutting edge design and manufacturing solutions for projects regardless of size or scope. Beginning with our state of the art facility, which houses our engineering & design department, our manufacturing floor team and our management staff.

When deciding upon the type of enclosure your project will need one of the elements that will be discussed is the NEMA standard or rating of the enclosure. Our sales team will assist in identifying the solution that offers the right balance of cost, performance, protection and need.

A standard or rating of NEMA defines a product in reference to its attributes and capabilities. The types of protection against various conditions but not limited too,

  • Splashing & Dripping Water
  • Precipitation such as Rain, Snow, Sleet
  • Airborne Dust & Dirt Particles
  • Accidental Contact from Personnel

All DDB ENCLOSURES are built using ALUMIFLEX, Noticeably lighter than steel, yet strong enough to rack even the heaviest equipment.

NEMA Ratings

DDB NEMA 3R Enclosures

  • Built to be tough and dependable, DDB's American-made enclosures rated NEMA 3R offer ventilated options. This does reduce the protection against windblown dust, but this protection can be enhanced by using screens and/or air filters placed in the louvered openings. NEMA 3R enclosures offer superior protection in both indoor and outdoor environments. Outdoor: water elements, rain, snow, formation of ice, falling dirt, blowing dirt/dust. Indoor: protects from all the same elements and indoor issues such as water / moisture drops from above.
  • Environments for NEMA 3R
    • RAIN / SLEET / SNOW / ICE / WIND (extreme heat/extreme cold)
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DDB NEMA 4/4X Enclosures

  • Durable, dependable and American made. DDB's NEMA 4/4X enclosures are for indoor and outdoor use, they provide the same protections as NEMA 3's. Windblown dust, water elements rain, snow, sleet, ice formations, ingress of falling dirt. In addition NEMA 4's protect against splashing water, such as happens when washing or spraying an enclosure.
  • NEMA 4X offers the same protections to include an additional level of protection against corrosion.
  • Environments for NEMA 4
    • RAIN / SLEET / SNOW / ICE / WIND (extreme heat/extreme cold)
  • Environments for NEMA 4X
    • RAIN / SLEET / SNOW / ICE / WIND / CORROSION (extreme heat/extreme cold)
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