Outdoor NEMA Enclosures

DDB Unlimited is proud to offer an extensive line of outdoor communication enclosures. We provide a large variety of standard sized, in-stock models and can accommodate any customized projects. Built DDB Tough, for the telecommunication, aerospace and industrial market space our NEMA 3R to 4X enclosures are designed to handle harsh environments and extreme weather climates. From the unforgiving dry heat of America's warmest areas to high elevation cold, wet terrains, DDB enclosures thrive.

OD Series

The OD series of NEMA 3R to 4X enclosures. Standard features include an R-strut system for adjustable racking, 3-point locking system to secure sensitive communication equipment, solar cap to manage heat loads. In various sizes for any task, for any climate.

Wide-OD Series

The WOD series comes in various sizes, and can be customized for any project. They too include R-strut systems for adjustable racking. secure locking systems, and solar caps. Weather and climate are no obstacles for this DDB Series of enclosures.

2OD series of NEMA enclosures. These Two door enclosures offer our standard features, are available in various sizes and can be customized to fit any requirements.

The 3OD series includes standard features you have come to expect; incorporating the versatile R-strut system, for adjustable racking, the security of the 3-point locking system, and Alumishield® solar cap to manage heat loads.

Our UL 50 enclosures feature fully welded construction. We have a large inventory of UL 50 Enclosures in stock and ready to ship. DDB can make a truly customized solution.

Battery Box Enclosures

DDB Unlimited heavy duty battery enclosures are available in NEMA 3R, or 4X configurations.

Pole/Wall Small Box

The SB series with standard removable back panel makes installing gear a breeze and is a proven value. Able to house electric panels, touch screens, data loggers, security equipment, CATV and mount to every imaginable surface possible.

SOD Series - Racking Small Box

The SOD series offer smaller variations of our NEMA 3R to 4X enclosures. Ideal for solar, battery and power management. All weather, all application solutions in a smaller sizes for pad, poll and wall mount environments.

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