Contract Production

DDB Unlimited, Inc. would like to share with its customer base its ability to provide large-scale production runs for your specific project needs. DDB Unlimited, Inc. has a 29,000 square foot facility in Wynnewood, OK dedicated to assembly line production and would be very excited to assist you with your project deployment. With over 8 years of experience with carrier level production, DDB is uniquely positioned to be a great asset to your company’s future growth and performance.
For each new special project assigned to our company, a Project/Account Manager is designated as well as a team of experts in CAD design and engineering which will assist in handling all phases of the project, from technical analysis to creation of a prototype and environmental testing for design verification.



  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • Personal Service and Customer Service dedication
  • Special project pricing
  • Scalability based on production quantity
  • Three shifts available for 24 hour/day production
  • Multiple product platforms to base design concepts from
  • Short production ramp-up time and production sustainability
  • Shipping logistics available with guaranteed delivery schedules
  • Able to meet carrier grade requirements for pre-deployment testing and design verification
  • NDA contracts, project details and information security are handled with care and professionalism


  • Superior customer service
  • Complete project satisfaction
  • On-time delivery for on-time deployment
  • High quality products with exceptional repeatability
  • Thorough engineering and design from initial concept to deployment

If large scale production is a requirement for your project, please contact us at or call 800-753-8459.

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