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A new class of NEMA Rated Enclosures


  • Heavy duty outdoor construction with Front Access, Pad Mountable
  • 0.125” Aluminum construction
  • 15 Rack Units (RU) – 19” (standard)
  • SS External Hardware and Polypropylene filters
  • UL Listed version available
  • NEMA 3R, 4, & 4X


  • Fully Loaded - Field Ready
  • Ships in 24 Hours
  • 81”H x 30”W x 34”D (26 RU) Standard Size
  • 51”H x 30”W x 30”D (26 RU) Micro Size
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • NEMA 4

Battery Box Enclosures

  • 78″H x 59″W x 42″D (84 RU)
  • 30 louvers per door, 20 top louvers (under shield)
  • 4 doors, secured with 3 point locking system
  • 19" or 23" racking available
  • New roof fan design
  • NEMA 3R, 4, & 4X

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5glte Pair

Field Ready Fully Equipped Solutions

Fully loaded, ready to ship tomorrow

The DDB 5G Series, the answer for when you need it today. These NEMA enclosures are delivered to your location field ready loaded with feature rich components. HVAC climate control, electronic land panel, a side spool cabinet, extra battery support for battery backup, backup generator plug, reversible rack rails and a 3-point locking system for superior sealing. Offered in both a standard and micro size. Engineered to protect sensitive equipment in the most extreme climates, and conditions.

Designed for Harsh Outdoor Environments
Fastest Lead Times In The Industry

DDB Unlimited, an ISO 9001 NEMA-rated enclosure manufacturer. Our facilities are located in Oklahoma, the heart of America. Housing a large inventory of NEMA 3R to 4X cabinets we're able to meet the time sensitive needs of clients. On-site engineering teams allow for custom solutions to fit any industrial and manufacturing requirement. 'DDB Strong' represents the ideal that every enclosure is designed and manufactured to protect sensitive communication components from unpredictable weather while placed in the most harshest of environments.



Noticeably lighter than steel, yet strong enough to rack even the heaviest equipment.


Provides superior solar protection with its large overhang roof design.

Innovation With Unparalleled Service & Value

Since 1996 DDB has been solving the most complex problems within the telecommunication enclosure industry. With cutting edge and innovative engineering, we meet the intricate needs of our customer base in the Telecommunication, Aerospace, Green Energy, Oil Gas and Utilities marketspace. State-of-The-Art materials that exceed the demands of tomorrow. American Made, American Strong - DDB Unlimited.

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