NEMA 4X Enclosures For the Solar Industry

Enclosures for the Solar IndustryDDB Enclosures designed, engineered and manufactured for solar applications. Battery enclosures/cabinets that provide storage, security and reliable, warrantied long term sustainability. In-stock and custom battery enclosures that handle all weather environments, maintain productivity and offer specific designs to help ensure cooling of critical components and allow for the safe release of the gasses that may be released by solar battery components. Pole and ground mount configurations available. Our State of The Art facility, industry experts and 24 hour production capabilities have positioned DDB to be a dependable partner in the growing renewable energy sector.

Solar & Renewable Energy Enclosure Solutions

  • Quick lead times
  • Huge inventory ready to ship at moments notice
  • State of the art, cutting edge technology
  • In Stock and ready to ship Solar Battery Boxes
  • For the Solar Marketplace
  • Custom Solutions built to your specifications for any sized batteries and electronics
  • Designed to meet/exceed size and weight requirements
  • Pole Mount or Free Standing
  • Built of Alumiflex and Stainless Steel materials for maximum durability
  • Designs allow for release of gases that may be released by batteries
  • Durable, all weather tested
  • Secured, designed to keep unwanted pests and restrict nefarious elements from damaging contents
  • 15 Year Warranty
Solar Panels

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