OEM / Vertical Rack Mount Enclosure Manufacturer

LTE, 4G,Wimax, Telecom, Security, Traffic, OSP

Outdoor NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X Cabinet Enclosures

Enclosure Installations

Product Features

Adjustable 19" or 23" Racking

Front and Rear Doors with 3 Point Locking System

Integration of Air Conditioners, Heaters, Fans, Batteries

Power Options Available


Climate Control    Power Distribution    Enclosure Construction

DDB Unlimited is an OEM NEMA Outdoor Cabinet Enclosure Manufacturer. We provide a large variety of standard enclosure from 16"-90"H and 25"-42"D. Equipped with adjustable and reversible EIA 19"/23" racking Rails, Front and Rear Doors with 3 Point Pad Locking Handles, NEMA 4, 4X. Air Conditioners ,Heaters, Fans , Batteries and Power options are available. Very Large Inventory and Fast Lead Times.

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DDB Unlimited
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