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A new class of NEMA Rated Enclosures


  • 50"H x 25"W x 25"D (26 RU)
  • Pad Mountable
  • Heavy duty outdoor construction
  • SS external hardware & polypropylene filters
  • UL Listed Version available.
  • NEMA 3R, 4, & 4X


  • Heavy duty outdoor construction with Front Access, Pad Mountable
  • 0.125” Aluminum construction
  • 15 Rack Units (RU) – 19” (standard)
  • SS External Hardware and Polypropylene filters
  • UL Listed version available
  • NEMA 3R, 4, & 4X


  • 78″H x 59″W x 42″D (84 RU)
  • 30 louvers per door, 20 top louvers (under shield)
  • 4 doors, secured with 3 point locking system
  • 19" or 23" racking available
  • New roof fan design
  • NEMA 3R, 4, & 4X

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WOD Outdoor Enclosure

Designed for Harsh Outdoor Environments

DDB Unlimited is an OEM NEMA Enclosure Manufacturer, providing a large variety of standard sized NEMA 3R through 4X enclosures from 16″ to 90″ high and from 25″ to 42″ deep with adjustable and reversible EIA 19″/23″ racking rails, front and rear doors and 3 point, pad locking handles. An on-site engineering team allows DDB to offer custom solutions to fit any client requirement. 'DDB Strong' represents the ideal that every enclosure is designed for the harshest of environments, for the unpredictability of all weather situations and for any application found in the telecommunication, aerospace, oil and gas and industrial sectors.

Fastest Lead Times In The Industry

An ISO 9001 registered company, our large stock inventory of NEMA 3R to 4X cabinets, enclosures and boxes allow for quick lead times. Our in-house engineering department allows for custom designs of any specification. Turn-key solutions include climate control enclosure air conditioners, fans, heaters and power options. DDB enclosures, protecting communication and sensitive electronic equipment from harsh environmental elements since 1996.

NEMA Outdoor Enclosure


Noticeably lighter than steel, yet strong enough to rack even the heaviest equipment.


Provides superior solar protection with its large overhang roof design.

Innovation With Unparalleled Service & Value

A manufacturer of standard and custom NEMA enclosures and cabinets, DDB offers solutions in 3R through 4X, for telecommunication, aerospace, and industrial applications. Our large inventory of standard sized enclosures allows for quick lead times, while on-site engineering department provides custom designed solutions to meet any need. American Made, American Strong - DDB Unlimited.

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