100 Watt - 600 Watt

HT Series Heaters

Rugged, yet thin, lightweight and flexible. The use of Wallow silicone rubber heaters is limited only by your imagination. With these heaters, you can put the heat where it’s needed and in the process, improve heat transfer, speed warm-ups, and decrease wattage requirements. Fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber gives your heater dimensional stability without sacrificing flexibility because very little material separates the element from the part. Heat transfer is rapid and efficient.

HT Series Heaters

Small, compact size fan heater. Maintains minimum operating temperatures in enclosures. Helps to prevent failure of electronic components caused by condensation and corrosion.

  • Built-in overheat protection
  • Heater can be purchased separately for OEM use
  • DIN Rail mountable


HT Series

Part NumberDescription
HT-100100 Watt 110V AC Flex, 5″h x 4.5″w,
(On 45, Off 55 Degrees)
HT-300300 Watt 110V AC Flex, 10.5″h x 6.5″w,
(On 45, Off 55 Degrees)
HT-600600 Watt 115V AC Flex, 20″h x 6.5″w,
(On 45, Off 55 Degrees)

HVL Series

Part NumberDescription
HVL-126400 Watt Fan Heater 110 Volt
HVL-236400 Watt Fan Heater 230 Volt
HVL-126T400 Watt Fan Heater 110 Volt w/ Thermostat
HVL-236T400 Watt Fan Heater 230 Volt w/ Thermostat

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