UL 50 OD Series Outdoor Enclosures

The DDB UL 50 NEMA enclosure line. These enclosures feature fully welded construction, and are available in NEMA 3R & NEMA 4 types We keep a large in stock inventory that allows for quick shipping solutions.

Made of our own rugged Alumiflex®, you’ll find it noticeably lighter than steel, yet strong enough to rack even the heaviest equipment. Simply put, the OD series offers the highest value in American construction.

These enclosures include standard features you'd expect; incorporating a versatile strut system, for adjustable racking, the security of the 3 point locking system, and Alumishield® solar cap to manage heat loads. Add to this the many accessory items that can be integrated to enhance functionality including HVAC, electrical load panels, bases, trays and cable entry solutions. This series of NEMA enclosures can be customized to meet your needs.

Pictures shown may be Type 3R; Type 4 available.


18"H x 28"W x 30"D (7 RU)


16″H x 25″W x 34″D (7 RU*)


32"H x 28"W x 30"D (15 RU)


32"H x 28"W x 39"D (15 RU*)


50″H x 25″W x 25″D (26 RU)


51"H x 28"W x 39"D (26 RU*)


50″H x 25″W x 42″D (26 RU*)


63"H x 28"W x 30"D (33 RU)


63"H x 28"W x 39"D (33 RU*)


62″H x 25″W x 42″D (33 RU*)


78″H x 25″W x 25″D (42 RU)


78″H x 25″W x 34″D (42 RU*)


78″H x 25″W x 42″D (42 RU*)

* Front and Rear sets of rails allow some equipment to rack both directions providing up to twice the racking units (RU).

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