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Kelvin Dusty Mahorney, Chairman / CEO

 Says: “Being the provider of enclosures for Clearwire nationwide for 5 yrs, DDB has developed and shipped over 18,000 Wimax, LTE, 3G & 4G enclosures, alone. In addition to 15 yrs in the industry as a leader in every form of enclosure, DDB prides itself today in technology, thermal testing, engineering and a delivery performance…

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A Real Struggle With Unemployment

The link below features a story on the local unemployment rate. DDB Unlimited Inc. is seen trying to do its part in the solutions to help our community. Click Here to Read More About It

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DDB Unlimited helps Katrina victims

Natural disasters can turn dangerous quickly. Hurricane Katrina devastated the entirety of New Orleans, and most of lower Louisiana and Mississippi. Extensive relief efforts have begun to help the victims of the hurricane. A local company, DDB Unlimited, Inc, located due south of Wynnewood, Oklahoma, has put forth their time and effort to such a…

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