ZP Filter Shrouds

Why Choose the Filter Shroud? Do you need the perfect NEMA 3R enclosure with added extra protection from the water? Is your enclosure exposed to hard, wind-blown rain, occasional hurricanes, everyday sprinkler systems or seasonal snow drifts? These are some important questions to have answers for when planning for a build that is guaranteed to last in the harsh environments, for information technology, wireless enclosures. DDB Unlimited has the solution for you! NEMA, Type 3R, only requires an enclosure be tested to simulated, wind-blown rain, at a 45° angle, at 5 psi. Often, this is not enough to give NEMA 3R enclosures the protection ultimately desired. In real world scenarios, water always takes the path of least resistance, causing real damage to sensitive equipment! With over 20 years of expert experience and with over 70,000 DDB enclosures deployed into the field, let our expert Sales staff assist you with that next level of protection, beyond Type 3R protection! No one knows enclosures better than DDB Unlimited!


  • Gasket added for tight seal
  • Master Seal® washers for a guaranteed seal
  • Powder coated cream; 1000 hours salt fog tested

Call and let our experienced team help you with your build.