Outstanding Customer Service at DDB Helps City of Branson, MO

Mr. Mahorney,

The City of Branson recently purchased three electrical enclosures from DDB Unlimited for a radio project. I wanted to communicate to you how that experience went. As a little background, the current Branson Police and Fire radio system was put into operation in 1993. The City was approximately 9 square miles and the main development was along MO76 highway, called “the Strip”. Since 1993, the City has grown to over 22 square miles and has had considerable growth in every direction and of every kind. As rapidly as the City grew, the effectiveness of the radio system declined. Currently, officers and firemen often have to resort to personal cell phones, as their portable radios are not able to communicate with our Communications Center. Officers have been in foot pursuits and altercations with suspects and firemen have been in dangerous emergencies, without the ability to request help or communicate on their radios. We have been working on a project for over two years to add a voted receiver system to enhance the ability of our public safety personnel to communicate. As you are aware, the tough economic times have impacted every portion of society, including tourism, which is the primary revenue source for the City of Branson. That being said, we are on a very tight budget for this project and as two of our receiver sites require equipment being placed in water towers, it necessitated NEMA cabinets in those locations. Unfortunately, the cost of NEMA certified cabinets placed the project in jeopardy.

I came into contact with your company through a Google search. I phoned and spoke with a sales person in the early summer. He told me of your refurbished units and we made a plan to pursue this option, once the project received City Council approval and funding. A few weeks ago, I recontacted your company and spoke with Thomas Pena. Through this process, Thomas has gone above and beyond to help us obtain the cabinets we need. He has mentioned his manager (I do not know his name) on several occasions and that he has been instrumental in this purchase as well. Through the dozens of phone calls and emails, I have found your receptionists to be very congenial and professional and Thomas to be an outstanding help. I commend your staff for all their work in helping the City complete this project. I have no doubt that when we receive the cabinets, their quality will show the same professionalism and concern for the customer that I have experienced with your employees.

To us, this is not just a purchase of electrical enclosures. This is a part of a vitally needed public safety project that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of our police officers, firemen and the residents and visitors of the City of Branson. I cannot stress enough that we believe this project will save lives and Thomas and your staff have helped to bring it to pass. Thank you does not seem adequate, but you have our appreciation and thanks. Please commend Thomas Pena for us.

Capt. Steve Lisby
Operations and Support Services Supervisor
Branson Police Dept.

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